About Me

I have read from somewhere that a child follows what their heart says. Ever since i was a kid, i’ve been joining art related activities, i was a member of the art club for many years and been joining drawing contests. A lot of times i was caught by my teacher for drawing during class hours. I guess my artistic inclination showed even at my young age. It however remained dormant for years.

Fast forwarding to 2011, I came across some photography magazines. I felt something deep inside me stirred. I bought my first DSLR camera, a Nikon D90.

I was bored. I thought I’d start out with photography as a hobby. So I started taking snap shots of everything. My camera occupied my breakfast, my lunch and my dinner. I devoured photo magazines like crazy. However, my inspiration came from watching a lot of movies. It has that visual appeal to me. I paid attention to the play of colors, the dramatic effects, angle of shots, background, foreground, etc.. It did not take long I guess, to awaken my artistic inclinations through my photographs.
My passion for photography had me trying out various photo equipment, leveling up each time, thank to my ever supportive parents.

Since then, i’ve travelled to a lot of countries, sometimes solo or with the family, always bringing with me my photo equipments. I took photos of city landscapes, mountains, water, monuments, buildings and other subjects that I thought interesting.

I’m an avid fan of car racing too. Whenever there’s a motorsport event in our country, i volunteer as the photographer even without pay, I knew that i can learn new things every time i take photos of racing cars. A lot of my friends have nice cars so i got to take photos of their “toys” too. I began to try out automotive photography as well. My passion towards my hobby made people who counts to take notice. It made a serious turn when i landed a job with a popular local car magazine. It opened up doors. I was able to get media accreditations to prestigious motorsports events in Belgium, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Japan, Macau and other Southeast Asian countries.

One of my early inspirations is a local landscape photographer, his name is Edwin Martinez. Through Flickr, i was able to see his amazing works and i was quickly amazed on how beautiful his images were. Another landscape photographer that i also admire is Yen Baet , i love her blue hour photos of different cities. And so in 2012, i began to attend workshops (Landscape, portrait, and post-processing) and i learned a lot of techniques during that time. During my freetime, a lot of times i go to local places to take photos of picturesque landscapes. Some of my landscape photos were featured in various photography groups and websites.

During my travel to different countries whether personal or business trips (motorsport assignments), i developed an eye for street photography. I must admit i’m a keen observer so i also fell in love with that genre of photography. Another was documentary style of photography, I read and bought books of the famous photographers in the world, to inspire me better. I am a fan of Henri Cartier Bresson, Steve McCurry and Vivian Maier. I also admire the works of contemporary street photographers like Eric Kim, Tatzuo Suzuki, and my LA-based friend Jeff Mercader. Jeff Mercader introduced me to the world of fine art black and white photography and since then my works got featured in some websites. As for my achievements in Street Photography, I am a member of the second largest street photography group in the world which is the Art Photo Feature . One of my works was chosen as one of the year’s best (2015). And recently i won 1st place in the World Street Photography awards.